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Zoho Sync for Android

Zoho Sync for Android uses the Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® protocol to perform wireless synchronization of Zoho Applications with the built-in Android device applications (Contacts, Calendar and Mail). Currently, Zoho Sync for Android enables two way synchronization of
  • Zoho Mail: The mails in your zoho account will be synced to your Android device.
  • Zoho Contacts: Your personal contacts available in Zoho Contacts and Android's built-in Contacts (Address Book) application. Zoho Contacts is a personal address book service of Zoho, where all your personal contacts can be maintained and managed. The contacts in your Zoho Mail accounts are also maintained in this service.
  • Zoho Calendar: Events available in Zoho Calendar and Android's built-in calendar application.
Zoho Sync Features:
  1. Zoho Sync performs two way synchronization i.e adding/updating/deleting contacts between Android's built-in Contacts (Address Book) application Zoho Contacts.
  2. Zoho Sync will keep the following fields in sync between Android and Zoho Contacts - First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Company, Email, Work Phone, Home Phone, Mobile, Fax, Others, Work Address, Home Address, Date of Birth and Notes. Other fields will not be synchronized with your Zoho Contacts. 
  3. Zoho Sync performs two way synchronization i.e adding/updating/deleting of calendar events between Android's built-in Calendar application and Zoho Calendar.
  4. Zoho Sync uses secured HTTPS communication between your Android and Zoho services for synchronization.
  5. Zoho Sync performs two way synchronization of Zoho Mail with your Android devices. The actions performed are listed below
    1. Push Mail support
    2. Compose and Send Mail
    3. View Folders
    4. Email Forwarding & Replying
    5. Viewing & Deleting Mail
    6. View from & to & cc address
    7. Marking mail as read / unread.
    8. Moving mail from one folder to another

Setup Instructions:

  1. Select the Settings application in your Android.

  2. Select Accounts & Sync option

  3. Select Add Account.

  4. Select Exchange ActiveSync.

  5. Enter your Zoho Account Email address and Password.

  1. Press Next in your Screen.
  2. When the new Server field appears, enter msync.zoho.com.
    Domain field is optional. If it is mandatory in your mobile, you can give "default". Actually the value is irrelevant, so you can give any value.
    Check the SSL connection & Accept all SSL certificates , if it is shown in your mobile.

  3. Press Next at your screen again.
  4. Select Push, Mail, Contacts and Calendar sync.

  5. Press the Next option and then press Done on the last screen.

Supported Android versions:

Version 2.1 +


  • Zoho Sync synchronizes only the primary (default) calendar available in Zoho Calendar with Android. Additional calendars are not synchronized.

  • Any break in recurring calendar events will not be synchronized with Zoho Calendar. Zoho Calendar will continue to have an instance of the recurring event on the specified breaking date.

  • Zoho Sync does not synchronize the category field of a calendar event available in Android with Zoho Calendar. It synchronizes all other fields.

  • Emails deleted from Templates/ Draft/ Spam/ Trash folders in mobile will not be deleted in the mail server.
  • Empty folder / Empty Trash / Mark Folder as read are not supported in mobile.

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